Inclusion and Accessibility

Ruderman Family FoundationIn keeping with our mission and core values, the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ) is making a concerted effort to raise awareness of the importance of inclusion for all people and to bring attention to, develop and implement best practices in including those with disabilities at the 2013 URJ Biennial. In partnership with The Ruderman Family Foundation, our efforts to support, advocate for, and provide access to those with disabilities will include operational accommodations, programming, strategic communications and PR, modeling and expanding our reach to include those with disabilities, their supporters and advocates.

The Biennial will provide accommodations for those with special needs throughout the event, including:

If you require accommodations, please share with us your needs so we can support your meaningful participation. Please make a written request to Lisa David at (212.650.4078)

There will be a range of different programs that highlight, address and advocate for the needs of those with disabilities. Find more information here.

We invite those with disabilities, their supporters, advocates, and those in our congregations and Movement who work to meet their needs, to join us for the Biennial and share your experiences, your expertise and the questions our Movement needs to address moving forward.

The San Diego Convention Center is exceedingly large, with some distance between certain events. Attendees who wish to rent a mobility scooter should make their own arrangements with one of these companies*:

Accessible San Diego

Alternative Mobility

Scootaround Inc.

*The URJ does not endorse any of these companies. This list is provided for your convenience only although we do hope that a mobility scooter, if needed, will enhance your Biennial experience.